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The company set lantern, landscape planning, design, production, exhibition, in one, specializing in lantern, the lantern design, production, exhibition, and city beautification lighting project. The company gathered around the country lantern, lantern making and senior personnel and engineering experts, with hundreds of skilled lantern, lantern entertainer, is the national large-scale lantern, lantern making company.

Materials produced by the company filament lamp, carved paper lanterns, red silk lanterns, acupuncture lights, animal lights, characters lamps, hanging lamps, electric turn lights, pedestal lights, portfolio lights, floats, advertising lights and other products sold around the world, has invited many times to France, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Philippines, Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and other countries and regions held light show, domestic and foreign customers with the full recognition and spoke highly of the world, causing sensation in the audience at home and abroad.

I will continue to take professional development path, depending on the lantern, lantern art and the development of innovative products, quality of life, strengthen management, a positive innovation, develop new products, and hold a sincere attitude and all the friends and extensive cooperation, mutual benefit , to promote traditional culture, the protection of national intangible cultural heritage "Quanzhou Lantern" and make greater contribution.

"Wide sea diving, the days of His Career," Hung-Chun lights recruiting process excellence, forge ahead, in the excavation traditional culture, while continuing to innovate. In the company of "boutique dedicated to you, to me the purpose of the service, to flourish.

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